House rules

Regulations of the Casino MAXIMUS

1. access to the casino
The casino is obliged to check the identity of each guest upon entry to the gaming room. During this check, a comparison is made with the Central Person Barred List (ZPS), in which all persons not permitted to play in Liechtenstein are noted. As proof of identity, MCL-Resorts AG only accepts passports and identity cards that entitle the holder to enter the Principality of Liechtenstein. The valid documents must bear a photograph, surname, first name and date of birth in Latin script. The minimum age for entry to the casino is 18 years. 

MCL-Resorts AG reserves the right to refuse entry to the casino without giving reasons.


2. Suspension

Gambling bans are forwarded to all Liechtenstein casinos due to legal requirements. MCL-Resorts AG reserves the right to issue local access bans. The lifting of a ban can be requested in writing by the person concerned and will be reviewed by the casino.

3. Dress code

MCL-Resorts AG makes it its goal to offer its guests the most pleasant ambience possible. We expect our guests to dress in an appropriately neat style. We ask for your understanding that guests with soiled, torn or otherwise inappropriate clothing may not be granted access.

Coats and thick jackets as well as large bags and luggage must be left at the cloakroom. The wearing of fashionable headgear is not permitted.

4. Inappropriate behaviour

Guests who are under the influence of alcohol or other intoxicants may be refused admission. MCL-Resorts AG may impose an alcohol ban on individual guests.

On the premises of MCL-Resorts AG, it is not permitted to give or receive loans and credits or to redeem pledged items of any kind. Unsolicited advice to guests is prohibited.

5. Prohibited objects

It is not permitted to carry weapons of any kind on the premises of MCL-Resorts AG.

6. Safety

All play areas, entrances and parking spaces are video-monitored for the safety of guests and staff. This serves the purpose of security and transparency. Unlawful appropriation of gaming benefits or other unlawful activities will always be reported to the police.

7. Use of electronic devices

When using electronic devices, make sure that other guests do not feel disturbed.

Audio, photo or video recordings are generally not permitted.

Technical aids that serve the purpose of gaining an advantage in the game are not permitted. Failure to comply will result in forfeiture of the right to winnings.

8. stakes, winnings and chips

The following applies in all gaming areas: Guests who are not permitted to play are not entitled to a payout of the winnings or reimbursement of the stakes. If the entitlement to chips, gaming credits or winnings is unclear, MCL-Resorts AG reserves the right to withhold any payouts until clarification. The re-substitution of colour chips on another gaming day shall be made in the amount of the table minimum.

9. Slot machine game

With the start of the game (insertion of money or pressing of the game button), the guest accepts the game rules shown on the machines. A possible claim to a prize only exists if the game is running smoothly. In the event of a malfunction, the supervisor must be called. Complaints must be reported to the supervisory staff immediately. Later complaints cannot be considered.

MCL-Resorts AG accepts no liability for amounts of money or gaming credits left in machines. This also applies if the game is continued by another person.

10. Reservations of slot machines

Reservations of individual slot machines are possible up to a maximum of 15 minutes.

11. Malfunctions

Malfunctions of the machines, the jackpot systems, the gaming equipment, etc. render all games and payouts invalid. MCL-Resorts AG accepts no liability as a result of machine malfunctions or defects.

12. Lost property

MCL-Resorts AG is not liable for lost objects, valuables and sums of money. The same applies to gaming credits left behind. Lost property must be handed in to the staff. MCL-Resorts AG will endeavour to return them to their rightful owner.

13. Due diligence obligations to protect against money laundering

Upon entering the casino, guests confirm their beneficial ownership of the funds wagered with their signature. As part of the Due Diligence Act, guests who make a transaction of CHF 2,000 or more must be identified. These transactions are documented. For this purpose, a renewed check of the identification documents is required.

14. Social concept

For information on player protection, the staff of MCL Resorts AG is always available to our guests. Information material about the risks of gambling and for further help is available on our homepage and is displayed in the gaming room.

15. Credits and profit confirmation

MCL-Resorts AG does not grant loans.

Due to legal regulations, the issuance of prize confirmations is not possible.

16. Bring your own food & drinks

Bringing your own food and drinks is not permitted.

17. Animals

Animals are not allowed in the entire building.

18. Data protection

MCL-Resorts AG operates in accordance with the guidelines of the DSGVO (Data Protection Regulation).

19. General

Upon entering the casino, the guest accepts the applicable gaming rules. The instructions of the staff must be followed. The guest must identify him/herself if requested to do so. Our staff will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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