Casino Exclusive Night

On this evening, we welcome all guests and look forward to seeing you in elegant evening attire. Styled as if for a gala, you will experience extravagant gaming fun on 1300 sqm. As a thank you for underlining our exclusive flair on this evening, we reward all guests in suit, dinner jacket or evening gown with a free drink up to CHF 10.

What does casino mean to you?

The Casino MAXIMUS places particular emphasis on an exclusive ambience. Small but nice, you will find first-class gaming pleasure here. And because we are thinking of Las Vegas and James Bond, we are happy about every guest who supports this ambience with their outfit and styling. Join in and come to us in chic evening attire. As a thank you for supporting our exclusive casino style, we will offer you a free drink up to CHF 10. Come to the Casino Exclusive Night. Style up your gaming fun.

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